Best Foods to Eat Before You Go Drinking

All should master the art of proper pre-game eating before a heavy night of drinking. It’s needless to say that all people reading this article should be of legal age within the country they currently live in. Also, i

Before delving into the details, it is essential to understand how alcohol works. When ingested, alcohol is quickly absorbed in the stomach, and the effect goes to the head in at least 5 minutes. The rate at which alcohol is absorbed is quite high. It all depends on what is in your stomach at the time of drinking. It is, therefore, critical for one to eat food before drinking to avoid getting hysterically drunk or suffering from alcohol poisoning. Here are some of the foods one can eat before drinking alcohol.


Be it ostrich, chicken, beef, or pork. As long as it is meat, you are highly encouraged to eat this as a pre-meal before binge drinking. This is because the meat is made of an animal carcass that is prepared in different methods, either frying, roasting, or boiling. The technique of preparation is seldom a major factor. Meat is known to be quite fleshy and thus prevents fast absorption of alcohol into the body, which in the long run, prevents one from getting drunk fast.

Leafy Greens

There is nothing as satisfying as greens before a big night out of drinking. The good thing about this is they are known to be a healthy lifestyle choice and also promotes low blood sugar. The best way you could get this is by preparing them at home or ordering them from your nearest salad store. Be sure to eat as many as possible to enable your stomach to be filled to aid the slow absorption of alcohol once it lands in your stomach.

Starchy Foods

Foods such as cake, bread, donuts, casseroles, noodles, cornbread, and buns. The list is endless; however, the idea is to get the most out of filling your stomach with starch. It gives your body to stay up all night and also fills your stomach to create some padding for the alcohol to be absorbed into your body slowly.
cooking pan

What to Avoid?

At all costs, try to avoid fatty foods such as fried eggs and lasagna. This is because people often complain of feeling nauseous after having a meal made of excessive oil. You’ll be sure to throw up if you take food filled with oil. For those who were wondering about there food choices, I hope that the information in this article comes in handy.


How You Can Become a Better Cook

Learning how to cook is essential. This is because you can try out different types of meals. There are so many meals from different parts of the world you can prepare when you become a better cook

A wide number of people who don’t know how to cook look for food in restaurants and other eateries. Most restaurants sell junk food, which puts you at high risk of contracting several lifestyle conditions. Cooking for yourself also helps you to save a lot of money because buying food is very expensive. You can also start your restaurant or food supply business and make more money out of it. There are several ways you can improve your cooking skills. They include:

Use the Right Cooking Equipmentcooking pan

The kind of equipment you use in your cooking determines the food you get. Certain utensils cannot bring out the best food as much as you try your best.

Look for the best cutting boards, spoons, and cooking pots that will help you prepare the best food. This can help you know where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and you will do better to improve your cooking skills. 

Accurate Ingredients

How well you make good use of your ingredients also determines the kind of food you will make. You should always be accurate with your ingredients to prepare the best food. Be consistent in how you make good use of your ingredients to become the best cook with time. 


condimentsSpices will leave your food tastier. You need to familiarize yourself with different types of spices that will help you to prepare the best food. Knowing how or when to use them is also essential.

Using them when necessary and in the right types of food will help you prepare proper meals and become a better cook.

Use Your Recipe Well

Following all the instructions in your recipe is essential if you want to become a better cook. Make sure you add all the ingredients as required. The time needed for certain activities like simmering should also be adhered to if you want to get the best meal. Follow these procedures to become a better cook.

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What You Should Know About Synthetic Urine

There are instances you may be subjected to different tests to pass fit for a particular job or task. Some posts will require someone who is fully fit and not under the influence of any drugs. Athletes and other sports personalities also have to undergo tests to make sure there is a level playing field. Using some substances may give one an added advantage over other competitors.

The urine test is one common type which most people have to undergo. You have to present your urine sample for lab tests to be carried out to determine if you are under the influence of any substance. At times, you may use some of these substances without your knowledge either through the consumption of particular foods or beverages.

It is somehow similar to your normal urine and contains elements like urea. Presenting it will save you from getting disqualified.

You have to ensure it is in the right form before presenting it.synthetic urine All the components should be in the right amounts. It should also be warm just like your normal urine. Making sure it is in the perfect state will see you pass your tests successfully. There are several things you need to know about this type of urine. They include:


One thing you need to know about synthetic urine is that it needs to be stored in the right manner for you to get the correct results from your test. It should be kept in a sealed container. If you are not using it after mixing, then you can store it in your fridge. Storing it at room temperature will only damage it.


You should also understand that the authenticity of synthetic urine largely depends on its temperature, smell and color. These are the first things a lab technician will look for before proceeding with other tests. You should make sure you store your urine in the right manner to maintain its authenticity.

Warming Tactics

You also need to know that fake urine can be kept warmfake urine using different procedures. One method you can try is the use of hand warmers which are readily available. The warmth of your body can also help keep this type of urine warm. You can use the synthetic belt to attach it to your body. Make sure you do not overheat your urine because you can spoil it.


Challenges faced by online sellers

Online technology is the best way to go despite the challenges in it. Online business is one of the evolving technology that many sellers opt for. It is the easiest way to reach customers worldwide. Through your campaign in social media, you will be in a better position to create awareness of your products and helps you in building a good relationship with your customers. Being an online seller has its own challenges. You should be keen on how digital plays its role in consumers journey. Take a look at some of the challenges faced by online sellers.

Challenges faced by online sellers

Data management

meetingOnline sellers always expect big data generated by their consumers. To manage this data is not easy at all. You may be worried about your web analytics tool may, also some statistics may be hard and if you fail to handle them professionally, you will end up messing all your calculations and eventually you will incur losses which may lead you to more liabilities in future. Some customers may ask complex questions and expect instant answers. At times communication barrier may be a problem. It may be difficult for you to understand exactly what the customers want or what they are saying.

Customer loyalty

It may be difficult for an online seller to maintain that customer loyalty. Some customers will never choose to shop on your website again in a situation where they find a mistake for the first time, even if it was meant to be corrected later. Some customers may prefer to contact you instead of searching. It is advisable to create a good impression. Give your customers a priority that will make them come with a better decision of shopping with you. Also, your existing database is a tool to keep or maintain your customers.

Negative reviews

keybordMany people nowadays may not get enough time to ask for a product performance. The only way they can do this is by reading the product review. Some of the consumers may leave bad or negative reviews depending on their experience with the product. The consumer may fail to follow instructions of the product and end up writing a negative review yet the product is okay. Negative reviews always discourage the customers from buying the goods. It is a great challenge that the online sellers face. It is therefore important for online sellers to take great concern and correct the negative reviews.

Extra cost

Online sellers incur some extra cost like delivery cost, transaction cost, statutory cost, among others. This cost may take away their profits. Finding a way of minimizing this cost is a great problem. This cost can be reduced by having an organized and a good processing tool that keeps all the records of every cost.


wifiChallenges faced by online sellers make them strain and may hinder their progress. Due to the competition on online business, it is always good to be aware of this challenges so that you can look for a better way to deal with the challenge once and for all.


Tips To Remember When Buying Bed Sheets

The bedroom should be a place that makes you relax after working hard all day. You should, therefore, make sure that you get the best bed linens. If you make the right bed sheets, you will get not only comfort but also beauty. Make the right choice of colors but of course your favorite colors. It makes the room worth rest. This article will give you tips that will help you choose the best bedding. After this your night always is goodnights.

Things to consider

Thread count

ThreadThis is one of the most important considerations you need to look at. How much thread do they have? The more thread count, the better the sheet. Thread count determines the comfort and durable. If you do not know how to determine this, ask the attendants and will be able to get different sheets with different bed counts.

The right materials

Bed sheets are made from synthetic or natural fabrics or both. Many manufacturers are made from polyester or cotton. At times you will find some made from both materials.


Clothes and even sheets made from cotton are most preferred. This is why, cotton is more durable, absorbed, soft and easy to take care of. Manufacturers at times mix the cotton with other materials to avoid the bed sheets from wrinkling.


This material has its advantages too. It is widely known for strength, durability and light weight. You will not get wrinkles and shrinks from a polyester bed linens. A blend of cotton and polyester gives amazing sheets too.

bed decorationAfter the right type of bed sheets are bought, you need to get matching duvet to complete the look. Without a good duvet, the sheets will just not make sense anymore. Make sure you choose a color that blends well with sheets. Also, the color must go well with general home décor.

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Things To Consider When Buying An Electric Kettle

You need an electric kettle for your daily kitchen jobs. Buying the right kettle, however, might be overwhelming. If you make the wrong purchase, you will end up going to the shops for another one sooner or later. You will end up spending more than you would have if you researched well before the first purchase. This article will guide you on how to choose the best kettle.

Choosing a kettle


kettlesWe have kettles between 1 to 2 liters of kettle capacity. Some go up to 1.5 liters. This range is okay with customers in the market. It is now up to you to choose what suits you best. If you only need to boil small amounts of water, then one liter is okay. The more boiling needs, the more liters you should grab.

Duration to boil

Apart from capacity boil duration is another consideration. How much time will the kettle take to give you hot water? The essence of the kettle was to get hot water in the first place. Most kettles can boil water in less than 4 minutes.

Keep warm

This is another feature that attracts customers to buying the kettle more. Some will be able to keep water warm for about thirty minutes. The best makes save water warm for about an hour. Grab as per your needs too. Checking on price range, the more ability to keep water arm, the more expensive. This feature, however, saves on electricity because you will not have to rewarm the water often.

Auto turn off

kettles with wireThis is another important feature. The kettle should be able to turn off automatically after water boils. Many kettles claim to have the feature but do not possess then in reality. Without this feature, you are posing fire hazards.

Minimum water boils

At times you only need to boil a cup of water. If your kettle does not allow you to boil at low levels, then I don’t see why you should buy it.